HDPE Wide-mouth Packers with Foam-lined Polypropylene Caps

Polypropylene Caps with PE-foam Liners

White Polypropylene Caps with Polyethylene Foam LinersIndustrial Glassware offers white polypropylene foam-lined caps in a variety of sizes.? The liner is comprised of a foamed polyethylene core sandwiched between two layers of polyethylene film.

For your convenience, most of these caps are sold individually. Case quantities are listed for those wishing to purchase in full-case quantities. ?


Foam-lined White Polypropylene Caps
Cap Size Case Quantity Item Number
100-400 256 #C100-400IPE-W
89-400 648 #C89-400IPE-W
70-400 760 #C70-400IPE-W
58-400 1100 #C58-400IPE-W
53-400 2000 #C53-400IPE-W
45-400 1750 #C45-400IPE-W
38-439 1200 #C38-439IF422-W
38-400 2250 #C38-400IPE-W
33-400 4000 #C33-400IPE-W
28-410 3100 #C28-410IF422-W
24-400 6500 #C24-400IPE-W
24-410 4300 #C24-410IPE-W

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